Impact Atmospheric System Plugin Demo

A plugin for the Impact game engine that simulates an atmospheric weather system, day/night cycles, and seasonal cycles based on configurable date, time, and geographical coordinates.

This version of the demo may not reflect the most recent changes of the plugin. For the latest development updates and source code, visit

Instructions: Select a radio option below to see the respective changes to the plugin in the canvas.

Geographical Coordinates: (Latitude:, Longitude:)


Update Rate:

Weather Condition:

Maximum Particle Count:

Note 1: Bracketed options denotes plugin's default values.
Note 2: To show/hide debug messages, left click the canvas.
Note 3: The fog weather condition is very slow (seriously). If you still really want to try the fog, I would suggest running it on a beefy machine.
Note 4: This plugin is under development. See here for a list of known bugs and issues.